About Us

We are a strong bridge between science and healthy food production.
We are aware of our role in food chain and we take our responsibility according.
The health of an animal is intrinsically linked to nutrition, management and the environment so we are committed to apply our knowledge and experience to improve the environmental impact of our products.
Mayborn product range was created to provide all-natural solution to improve animal performance and health. It means that Mayborn’s range of products help to compensate for naturally occurring failures found in many forage-based diets.

Our experts

Our experts are developing solutions to solve the challenges facing our customers. They have deep knowledge of animal feed and animal problems, so our products are very effective achieving your goals. Our products will help our customers to maintain the health and therefore productivity of their animals.


Improving animal performance

Reducing feed cost

Improving animal health

Our mission

  • Offer solutions and services with high added value to major players in the animal nutrition industry
  • Guarantee food quality, safety and traceability
  • Combine innovation with the reasoned use of resources
  • Always strive to improve our products
  • Our respect and sense of responsibility to human being, animals and nature are our priority.
  • We are dedicated every day to make a positive change in your animals’ performance so your profitability and satisfaction are on the top of our agenda.

Our vision

• To support our customers by providing high-quality products. • To work in partnership with our distributors and customers to enhance their respect and loyalty. • To maintain beneficial supplier partnerships to ensure that our needs and expectations for high-quality products and services are met. • To do quality control at its best • Always produce safe and environmentally friendly product